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Jockey Aluminum & Glass Company (JAG) is regarded as a top provider of facade companies in Qatar. Our knowledge and reputation are the results of more than 20 years of designing and supplying quality-assured products for the architectural aluminum, glass, steel, and cladding industries. The expertise and stellar reputation of Jockey Aluminum & Glass Company have made it the top provider of aluminum façade companies in Qatar. From villas to tall towers, Jockey Aluminum & Glass Company (JAG) provides a vast array of products to meet the needs of the building sector.

Over the years, JAG has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete difficult projects on schedule. Started in 1998, the company has had continuous growth and has never looked back. In this era, JAG rose to become one of the top suppliers and installers of kitchen cabinets made of steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials for multi-story buildings, private homes, and public structures. We design, fabricate and install the structural steel and stainless-steel components in addition to curtain walling and cladding. The constant support of thousands of small, medium, and large-scale projects gave us a chance to successfully complete all their projects. A big shout and huge thanks to the trust and dependability of clients, consultants, and architects.

JAG operates a state-of-the-art production facility in the Industrial Area. The factory is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and is supported by a high-performing team made up of international top engineers, project managers, and technicians, allowing JAG to provide turnkey solutions of any size and complexity. The Jockey Aluminum & Glass Company is dedicated to creating a sustainable workplace and making sure that all of our operations are carried out in line with ethical environmental principles.

Manage Directing Message

Welcome to the world of Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company, where we pride on ourselves on our ability to  successfully meet any project requirements with our smart value adding solutions. We have always been passionate in introducing fresh systems and concepts keeping abreast with the latest trends in the architectural aluminium and glass industry. At Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company we flourish on the success of consistent delivery of the requirements of our valued customers and have always kept an awesome record of product delivery on time with the best quality to offer. We are passionate about staying abreast with the latest technology and developments in the industry; our strong business links with reputed system providers has always given us a clear technical edge. Being sensitive to the market need and responding appropriately has always been at the core of our success. Every client is an  extended family member to us. Since our start, we have always opted to follow strict quality management practices in everything we do. This commitment of ours towards the Quality Management practise in everything we do has helped us in building firm relationship with our clients and associates. It’s the continued trust and belief of patrons and associates that has made us keep moving throughout these two decades. We will remain indebted to one and all for the kind support showered on us. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone

Chairmans Message

With the grace of Allah, the Beneficent and Merciful, Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company have been partnering in the vibrant economy & tremendous progress of Qatar since the ninety’s. I would like to offer sincere thanks and appreciation for the visionary leadership and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, The Father Emir, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, The Emir of State of Qatar. As we enter into the twentieth year in the business as a company, I thank to all our wonderful employees and to the support of countless customers, business partners. While recollecting our budding days, it gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction that our hard work, dedication, principles and passion for perfection – all together have enabled us to deliver the kind of services unmatched in the industry. With the abundant boon of our discernible customers JAG has always strived to realise their yearning to the heart. For a sustainable and better tomorrow, our company and its dedicated work force are ambitious to continue its mission in the right intent. All praise to Allah, the Benefactor.


Here are some of the reasons why we are one of the top façade companies in Qatar.
Here are a few of the factors that make us superior to our rivals.

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We use only the best adhesives and glove-fitting glass. We put our clients first and hence use only top-quality products.

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Experienced team

Our team of experts has hands-on experience in the industry for many years and are skilled craftsmen who give you impeccable quality products.

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Competitive price

Our prices are competitive as compared to other brands. We do not compromise on quality and give you unbeatable prices, quick turnaround, and maintenance time.

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