Facade Excellence: Exploring Top Facade Companies in Qatar

Qatar’s skyline is a testament to the nation’s ambition and vision, where towering structures clad in striking facades define the urban landscape. Behind these architectural marvels lie the expertise and craftsmanship of leading aluminium facade companies in Qatar committed to excellence.
In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the top five facade companies in Qatar, each contributing significantly to the nation’s architectural identity and pushing the boundaries of design innovation.In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the top five facade companies in Qatar, each contributing significantly to the nation’s architectural identity and pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

Jockey Trading Aluminium & Glass Company: Jockey Trading Aluminium & Glass Company was founded as a trailblazer in the facade sector in Qatar and has earned unmatched esteem and recognition. With a long year of expertise in the field, the company’s dedication to top-notch quality, creativity and customer satisfaction, always plays a significant role in shaping the architectural environment of the country. The Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company is committed to developing a sustainable work environment and ensuring that all of our business practices adhere to moral and ethical environmental standards.

Alutec: Alutec is a well-known and respected name in the field of glazing solutions and aluminium fabrication because of its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Being one of the few building envelope firms in the world that is vertically and horizontally integrated in terms of design, manufacture, and contracting gives them a distinct advantage. In addition to having the capacity to design and construct building envelopes, they also have in-house facilities for processing glass, making curtain walls, processing metal, painting metal, processing composite materials, processing structural steel and more.

Alumco Qatar: Delivering custom solutions made to meet the specific needs of every project, Alumco Qatar has become a reputable name in the facade industry thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction. The Alumco Group is a collection of specialised businesses involved in the design, production, and installation of aluminium structures as well as metalworking (steel and stainless steel) and related glazing systems. Alumco Qatar’s varied portfolio, which includes projects in the residential, commercial, hotel, and institutional sectors, demonstrates its adaptability and proficiency in the design and construction of facades.

Almuftah Group: Almuftah Aluminium, a mainstay of Qatar’s building sector, has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the production and installation of premium aluminium façade solutions. As part of the construction boom occurring in the most dynamic country in the Gulf Region, the company collaborates with a network of global partners, government institutions, and local enterprises to carry out large building, civil, and industrial engineering and construction projects.

Qatar National Aluminum Panel Company (Q-NAP): Leading the way in the production of aluminium composite panels, Q-NAP is essential to the facade sector in Qatar, offering designers and architects a range of options that seamlessly blend form and function. With an emphasis on performance, quality, and longevity, Q-NAP’s panels are designed to endure Qatar’s severe weather while holding up their immaculate beauty over time.


Facade companies, which exemplify a harmonic blend of artistry, technology, and engineering, play a crucial role in establishing the identity of urban surroundings in Qatar’s changing architectural landscape.
Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company (JAG) is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of facade companies in Qatar. Our expertise and standing stem from over two decades of creating and delivering high-quality products to the architectural aluminium, glass, steel, and cladding sectors. Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company is the leading supplier of aluminium façade companies in Qatar because to its exceptional reputation and extensive experience.

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