Jockey Trading sliding windows are the ideal blend of the marriage of engineering and traditional design. The systems and features can be used separately or in combination for optimum design flexibility and comfort. We offer both framed and frameless doors. Our frameless doors provide you with simple access in and out of your home. Even the huge expanses of glass can be easily moved with just as few as two fingers thanks to our remarkable glide technology and incredibly sturdy rollers. Our corner sliding doors may be used to maximize space and let in plenty of natural light by opening up a corner of your home. We provide both indoor as well as outdoor window sliding doors. This also includes frameless sliding glass shower doors for a contemporary home. At Jockey Trading Aluminum & Glass Factory, we provide customized inside frameless glass doors that are available with a variety of glass options, such as tinted, transparent, satin, sandblasted, and colored glass. Glass door options for single and double doors include sliding glass doors as well as hinged/swing versions. Glass doors can be purchased with top and side panels to create gorgeous glass room separators. A full package including hardware and glass that are customized for your project. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome while also making your purchase as easy as possible.

Some of the different types of frameless sliding glass doors are as under:

Frameless Glass doors

Whether you want sleekness or cutting-edge contemporary style, a frameless glass door is the ideal design option. Pull bar handles or knobs, as well as glass to the wall or pivot hinges that fit into the wall add sophistication to your home. There are a variety of accessories, such as privacy locks, are available, along with a selection of hinges and handles to meet various needs and glass sizes and weights.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors with no frames are also an option. Select from a variety of handles, sliding tracks, and other accessories of the highest caliber. Tracks for sliding glass doors come in pelmet choices, which hide the clamps and rollers, and pole systems with chic, contemporary rolling glass carriers.

Glass partitions

Our sliding glass doors and hinged frameless glass doors provide stunning glass dividers when incorporated into a glass wall. Make the most of a spectacular view, define or divide a space, and maintain light while enhancing privacy. Use a frameless glass partition to transform

Pocket Glass Doors

Organize and save space in a room with a pocket door system, also known as a disappearing door. A glass pocket door is contemporary and minimalist, and it can save 10 square feet on average floor space.


Here are some of the reasons why we are the best company to install frameless sliding glass shower doors in Qatar.

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Security and Safety

We prioritize the safety of our customers thus we only utilize high-end items in your home or workplace.

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Outstanding Staff

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff has years of experience and can handle any assignment.

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Reasonable price packages

We offer hassle-free installation and maintenance along with reasonable pricing packages.

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