Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company has a state of art production facility in the industrial area. Combined with the set of efficient machineries, highly dedicated and well trained work force with the practice of the quality control methodologies meeting the ISO standards has always ensured first class products and services to our clients. The company has various business centres in Qatar(Doha, Al Khor & Al Shamal)

Servicing is crucial if you want to completely comply with health and safety regulations and make sure that your chosen entrance system is operating at its best. We provide all of them with a high-quality routine maintenance service to ensure that all of our clients’ doors are fully operational. If you are looking for automatic door maintenance in Qatar, feel free to contact us.
We are also flexible about how frequently you want or need maintenance; whether you prefer annual or six-monthly service, or if you need immediate help for some reason, we are available whenever you need us.
It is crucial to plan your maintenance properly if you have automatic doors placed at your building, be it commercial or residential, in order to keep them operating for a long time. Your automatic doors may become damaged if you don’t take maintenance measures, which could happen before they have lived up to their entire design service life. You can choose from a basic to an all-inclusive complete maintenance program type from your local door servicing provider, depending on criteria like the volume of traffic and the age of the doors. Our Automatic Door Maintenance in Qatar is simple and budget-friendly.


Your doors will be inspected as part of a thorough maintenance program, and routine preventative maintenance repairs will be made after a predetermined amount of time, with the price of each repair being constant. These kinds of maintenance inspections are often planned on an annual basis, and the charges cover all supplies and labor needed for the maintenance operation. In particular, because it gives you a predetermined fixed cost outlay for door repairs each year, enrolling in a full-service automatic door maintenance program can be highly useful for your company if you like to develop a clear budget for all of your spending in advance.
You can decide which of these maintenance program types is appropriate for your automatic doors as per your budget. However, be sure to keep track of the costs associated with each door separately so that, after taking past data into account, you can make wiser purchasing decisions. Every door has a service life, at which point the return on the investment of a new door will be greater than the expenses of ongoing, more frequent maintenance needed to keep a failing door functional.

Our services include:

  • Automatic doors
  • Roller shutters
  • Manual doors
  • Access control
  • Steel security doors

So, if you ever need assistance, please don’t hesitate and give us a call at +974 33064457.


A basic maintenance program sends qualified technicians to the location to inspect the automated doors at predetermined intervals. Technicians meticulously examine each of the door’s individual parts during these inspections to ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Depending on their condition, opening and closing speeds, door sensors, glass, guide rails, pivots, belts, gears, and lubricants are examined, adjusted, or replaced. These maintenance services have different costs based on the component replacement and/or correction that needs to be done. The most typical cost structures for this kind of maintenance program are those based on time and materials.

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