Since our start, we have been in a steady growth track. With technical collaboration with the best names in the industry, the company has established itself as a top runner in architectural aluminium and glass.We are proud to list out wide ranges of services we provide Since our start, we have been in a steady growth track. With technical collaboration with the best names in the industry, the company has established itself as a top runner in architectural aluminium and glass.
Fire-rated doors are those that are made of materials that aid in reducing or halting the spread of fire, smoke, and, in some situations, heat transfer. Wood, steel, fiberglass, or a combination of these materials are frequently used to create fire-rated doors. We at Jockey Trading provide and install top-of-the-line fire-rated doors. We are the top fire rated steel door supplier in Qatar who have years of experience in the industry. Contact our knowledgeable and welcoming team right away if you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial consultation.


Fire-rated doors are made using assemblies such as the frame, door, glazing, hardware, and other parts. Typically, individual parts need not come from the same supplier, but they must be classed, labeled, and approved by a third party recognized by Qatar civil defense for use in a fire door assembly. Manufacturers thoroughly test all the parts to make sure they function as a single unit to guarantee the doors function as intended. When used, fire-rated doors cooperate with the surrounding fire protection systems to give constant protection against any fire outbreak and guarantee a clear path out of the building. They won't burn up or fail according to the average fire rating if they are placed correctly. A typical fire can burn for 30 to 180 minutes. The doors must automatically close in the case of a fire to prevent the fire from spreading and to keep it contained.


Fire-rated doors are usually used in commercial buildings. They are put in places where there is a lot of movement, such as lobbies, stairwells, storefronts, exits, etc. to comply with the relevant fire and safety code requirements. Additionally, people can be protected by fire-rated doors against unintentional contact as well as ballistics, blasts, and even forced entrance. These doors go through extensive testing to ensure that they receive the required fire ratings and additional safety and security certifications.


Absolutely. We provide a variety of fire-rated glass door systems from different manufacturers that increase visibility while also fulfilling the necessary fire and life safety regulations. Fire-rated glass doors have fire safety ratings ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. These doors are a great alternative since they provide passengers with an adequate view with a regular pathway to help them navigate more successfully. Even in the most difficult circumstances, Jockey Trading offers a variety of fire-rated doors that deliver clarity and safety.


The fire-rated doors we sell and install meet all applicable international standards as well as the key Qatar civil defense regulations. These doors shield people from potential dangers in addition to preventing fires. You will be spoiled for choice with our large assortment of products from top manufacturers. Additionally, we have a group of experts that will professionally install them. We at Jockey Traders are one of the best Fire Rated Steel Door Suppliers in Qatar. We install fire-rated doors with a fire safety rating of up to three hours as we have a Civil Defense certificate. Call us at +974 4502 076 right now for further details or to ask for a free quote. Any questions you may have will be gladly answered by our team.


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